In the Canterbury destructive storm

Orion restored power to another 800 Canterbury customers on Monday, with another 1200 still without electricity.

About 500 Main Power customers in northern Canterbury also remain without power, with about 1500 reconnected over the weekend.

The gale-force wind storm, Accounting in HK described by Orion as the most damaging in recent memory by farmers as the worst in 40 years, hit the South Island on Tuesday, bringing down trees and smashing powerlines and poles.

It also left firefighters battling large blazes ignited by lightening strikes and electricity.

About 28,000 Orion customers lost power across the area in Tuesday's storm, with extensive damage being blamed for slow reconnections.

It was very difficult to say when customers would be reconnected because of the widespread damage, Orion chief executive Rob Jamieson said.

More Orion contractors have been hauled into Canterbury to help those already on the ground Income Tax Hong Kong, the company said on Monday afternoon.

Residents using generators are being asked to get them installed by registered electricians to ensure the safety of staff repairing the network.

Federated Farmers says the days since the storm have been an "overwhelming time" for the region's farmers with the damage bill expected to climb into the millions of dollars.

A large slip at Diana Falls has kept State Highway 6 at Haast Pass closed since last Wednesday.

The road was expected to reopen on Monday but additional slips on Sunday mean the reopen has been pushed back several days, the NZ Transport Agency says.

"Clearing operations will resume as soon as it is safe to do so Business Registry Hong Kong," the agency said.

Iraqi forces killed its members

Officials and the group offered wildly different accounts of the unrest case covers, though, none of which could be independently confirmed by AFP.

The United States swiftly condemned "the terrible events that took place at Camp Ashraf today".

The United Nations says it's trying to establish what took place and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki formed a committee to probe the incident smart cloud HK.

In addition to the casualties, the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI), about 100 of whose members were living at Camp Ashraf in Diyala province near the Iranian border, also claimed security forces set fire to the group's property in the camp, all of which was denied by Iraqi officials.

Local hospitals reported three Iraqi soldiers were killed and four wounded, which officials attributed to angry camp residents attacking an army brigade responsible for the camp where to buy wigs.

Medics did not, however, report any casualties among Ashraf residents.

The unrest was condemned by the UN's refugee agency, the UNHCR which did not assign blame for the incidents.

The UNHCR said "it appears that deadly force has been used and that a number of people have been killed or wounded".

The new flagship store

HMV HAS THIS evening confirmed its new flagship store in Ireland will re-open on Dublin’s Henry Street on Friday 6 September, nuskin with three other stores to open the following week. TheJournal.ie reported this morning that the four stores – including outlets in Liffey Valley, Dundrum and Limerick – would all open for business at the start of September.

There’s still no definite word however on whether vouchers will be honoured. Hilco Capital, which took over the HMV brand from its administrators earlier this year, says it will confirm next week whether they can be redeemed in the re-opened outlets:

We will also be making announcements next week regarding plans for the redemption of valid gift vouchers which were not honoured during the Receivership of the old HMV business prior to our ownership.
About 120 new staff members have already been recruited, nuskin group with management teams beginning work last month and other employees coming on board today, tomorrow and early next week.

According to Hilco Capital Chief Exexutive Paul McGowan:

The demand from consumers has been very strong since we acquired the business from the Receivers so it is gratifying to be able to get four stores up and running in such a short period of time.
The company – which also now owns the Xtra-vision brand – has also announced plans to open HMV concession stores within 26 of the re-opened DVD rental outlets. Details of the locations will be confirmed next week.

A “leading Irish band” will performing in-store on Henry Street to help celebrate the 6 September re-opening nu skin hong kong. The company plans to launch a meet-and-great competition in the coming weeks for fans of the as-yet-unconfirmed group.

Clearing heart artery occlusion

Doctors detected the problem during a routine check up on Monday on the 67-year-old ex-president and successfully implanted a device called a stent to unblock his artery in an operation carried out in Texas, the office said.

"President Bush is in high spirits, silk ribbon embroidery eager to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule on Thursday," the office said in a statement on Tuesday.

Bush, the nation's 43rd president as he served from 2001 to 2009, lives in Dallas.

Son of former president George HW Bush, his two terms in office were largely shaped by the September 11, 2001 suicide airliner attacks by al-Qaeda and their aftermath property in thailand For Sale.

After leaving office and retiring to Dallas, he has for the most part kept out of public view and policy debates for the past five years.

There was no immediate comment from the White House on Bush's surgery.

Campaigning for the presidency in 2008, President Barack Obama lashed out repeatedly at the war-torn legacy of the Bush years.

But Obama spoke kindly of Bush when the Bush presidential library opened in Dallas in April, nu skin hong kong praising what he called the Republican's strength and determination in serving the country.

Christchurch Cathedral parts have been wet cardboard

Parts of Christchurch's cardboard cathedral have become sodden and crumpled after heavy rain.

The warping does not affect the structure integrity of the multi-million dollar cathedral as the large cardboard columns encase wooden beams, otter case an Anglican church spokesman says.

Weather damage was expected, he said.

Workers fix it by cutting out the affected sections and replacing the cardboard.

The rain hit before the roof was completed fr4 pcb.

Construction of the 700-seat, $5.3 million cardboard cathedral, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, started in Latimer Square in February. It was due to be completed by July 26.

The "temporary" cathedral has an expected lifespan of 50 years.

The original cathedral was left in ruins by the February 2011 magnitude 6.3 earthquake label sticker, which caused widespread damage and killed 185 people.


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