The way forward

Morning, ears came the familiar melody that light, it is the way to upload songs from the sprinkler. Suddenly, the silence broke hearts will doest happiness and joy - Labor forward, singing, wonderful realm!
I remember when that was a large group, across my old house is a fairly open fields. After xiaoman, seedling where they crowded together, early in the morning, folk to pull seedlings in paddy fields, they handed pinch seedlings, seedling wash, "buzzing" sound of splashing into the water struck out just how warm and cheerful rhythm, in which strong rhythm, cock barking, cattle under tones, peasant woman carrying water buckets scoop and impact, trampling trampling footsteps, no laughter, sounds of nature are unmatched, and more on the field singers drawl, chirp ah Yeah crying like singing together, one after another, far and near in the valley was full of distant, happy note, jumping, echoed. Snooze young, I often would wake up in this song, so that was always felt, half awake to hear this song I've ever heard of the most beautiful sounds of pastoral music.
Fast forward a few years later, but never heard that song before, as after a few centuries in general. Today's Shan people scattered nest already empty, dilapidated state of unsightly, very few farmers farmland shadow silhouette occasional sporadic, and most are over sixty years old haggard rickets - they are the land the last group of loyal those left behind. Heavy farm work and lagging agricultural production, leaving them still tired and hardships, as well eyeful deserted countryside, goats and wild hog in the meantime haunt - traumatic vicissitudes which brought spiritual, plus nesters lingering over aging, loneliness and desolation, a few people have singing mood? Traced up, singing is the twin sister of collective labor, which the ancients has already been confirmed, "Huai Road should be training" contained "large wooden cite this husband, former call 'evil promise', should it later, This song is also important to persuade force. "So, they gave birth to the singing of labor, labor is the original song. That folk song after another in the labor chant is sung these songs were left under the collective spiritual wealth is labor - singing on the strength and harmony. However, with advances in technology, mechanization gradually replaced human labor cluster approach, so that the collective labor scene, the kind of free and happy singing field to pursue and will always be remembered in memory of.
Today's singing is more professional, skill, art, the real song, but more and more workers are scarce. Around now singer, tweaking for the state's innumerable, and become more and more a personal catharsis, but I have these "petty bourgeoisie" easy to pop songs, occasionally a whirlwind, and become a fashion trend has become the symbol of our society and the imprint. As a member of society, people are no exception, and often also not consciously - a return to revel in these crazy man Maid love and love art, smugly arty few voice. Of course, from a personal perspective to appreciate, not all songs are like, nice, like the "dead must be love," the light that creepy lyrics; "wolf in love with the sheep, ah, love crazy", absurd logic, cast doubt on whether the world really is treason to the madness; "clean slate rinse, rinse clean slate," the kind of glib, not to make people feel uncomfortable by ......
Once I was surprised, actually March Confucius Wenshao music do not know meat. Now think about it, Yu Shao music for the system, and Yu is a real emperor among workers, Shao music also be the singing of the labor strike. In fact electrical desk, humans are never left singing, everyday, wealth hierarchy, one hundred thousand lines of business have forged a bond with the singing, highbrow, highbrow, low class, and by many people. Rolling in the Yangtze River, the future generations depleted hero dominance; unusual lanes, the number of past and present will be flooded with. Originally singing like food, clothing, work and life, electrical desk is one of the basic ways of human existence. Listen,. "Nanshan beans, the grass pea containing dilute Morningside shortage foul with hoe return", singing poet Anpinyuedao, narcissistic integrity; "Wind from the Xi Yunfei Yang, Shou Xi Andhra warriors Quartet "confession politicians look the whole world, heart of the world's bosom;" Come Yishui Han winds blow, a warrior to Come Nevermore ", singing the Spirit in Chester, sacrifice justice of pride;" Come gas matchless force Nukiyama when adverse Come piebald dappled no death can do nothing without death Xi Yu, Xi Yu, Xi Chennai how "talk is Yingxiongmolu, time waits for no grief! - regardless of good times of adversity, born or accession, say nothing on the fame, adjustable desk or dead or alive, the way forward, singing all the way! Perhaps in the history of mankind shows us alive, it is necessary for life and songs to sing for a living!
I love singing, walking in the mountains meadow, I will sing, in the stream forest walk, I will sing, I like in my heart sings, like sing alone, even when these duties, I will hum a branch of music. I sing songs from afraid to the merits of the technology, not rigidly adhere to a complete or consistent, but has nothing to do with the pleasure of others, I think, should be the normal life of singing is the best footnote frustrations of life, is the spirit of the freedom of expression , Cellmax is a natural emotional release humanity.
Once upon a time, we have forgotten to sing, lost song. Perhaps, fame and honor so that we lose the Mind; perhaps, aging and disease makes us feel dejected; perhaps, wealth and jewels so that we abandon the self; perhaps, feasting make us wistful confused ...... there are too many uncertainties in life, it is general trance like that luck wavering, like Fei Xu, as I do not know where to be subjected. When weathered the years a road carved into our wrinkles, when heavy burden day at bending our bodies, whether life will be strong and unyielding to say alive, we must sing!
Yes, life should not be less singing. For me, the way forward, singing all the way, is my pursuit, but also my longing for a beautiful state.

The new abortion law

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The last abortion clinic in the vast, impoverished Rio Grande Valley closed Thursday, along with the sole remaining clinic in the 100-mile stretch between Houston and the Louisiana border, cardinal manchester posing a tall obstacle to women seeking to end pregnancies across a wide swath of the nation's second-largest state.

The closures in McAllen and Beaumont bring to 19 the number of clinics that have shut down since Texas lawmakers adopted tough new abortion restrictions last summer. Twenty-four clinics remain to serve a population of 26 million women, and more closures could happen after additional restrictions take effect later this year.

Lawmakers required all abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, all abortions to take place in a surgical facility and all women seeking abortion-inducing medications to make four clinical visits. Those rules made it impossible for the clinics in Beaumont and McAllen to stay open, said Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Woman's Health.

Anti-abortion lawmakers said the regulations are necessary to protect women's health, but abortion-rights groups have sued the state claiming the restrictions are medically unnecessary and intended to shut down all Texas clinics that offer abortion services.

"Closing our clinics hurts us. But more importantly, it hurts the communities we have served," Miller said Thursday at a news conference. "We have done everything possible to keep our clinics open, but we are simply unable to survive."

The Whole Woman's Health clinics in Beaumont and McAllen had been open since 1973, when abortion was made legal by the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision.

Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, welcomed the clinic closures because, he said, those facilities did not adequately protect patients.

"Requiring a doctor at an abortion facility to have admitting privileges at a local hospital is common sense," he said. "In the event of a serious complication from an abortion, the physician should be able to follow the patient to the emergency room to continue caring for his or her patient."

The closest abortion clinic to Beaumont is in Houston. And for women in the Rio Grande Valley, the nearest clinics will be in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, nu skin a journey that means passing through immigration checkpoints that require U.S. identification or visas.

Paula Saldana, a women's health care educator in McAllen who volunteers for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, said poor women in the valley relied on the clinic.

"When women come up to me and they are in desperate circumstances and they ask where they can go, I will not have a place to send them," she said.

Although groups are raising money to help pay travel costs for women who need abortions, it is still difficult for them to take time away from family and work, Saldana added.

The admitting privilege requirement has become a favored tool for anti-abortion lawmakers across the country to close clinics. In Mississippi, a federal judge has blocked enforcement of a similar requirement because it would shut down the state's last clinic. Alabama passed such a requirement last year, and Oklahoma lawmakers are considering a similar measure.

Most doctors do not have or need admitting privileges, and hospitals usually only grant them to doctors who routinely have patients in need of hospital care. The Texas Hospital Association opposed the requirement, saying admitting privileges were not necessary to provide women emergency care from abortion complications.

The law, which also bans abortions after 20 weeks, was the subject of the largest protests in a generation last summer at the state Capitol.

State Sen. Wendy Davis, a Fort Worth Democrat, gained national attention for a 13-hour filibuster that temporarily stopped the law. Gov. Rick Perry immediately called the Legislature back into special session, and Republican lawmakers easily passed it.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Miller, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinic operators, saying that the law has no purpose but to shut down clinics. The center won in district court, but the conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stopped enforcement of the ruling and is considering an appeal by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who argues the law is constitutional g-suite cardinal manchester.

Davis and Abbott are now running against each other to replace Perry, who is not seeking another term.

Miller said part of the problem was finding doctors with admitting privileges to work with her clinics because of threats or intimidation by anti-abortion groups. Whole Woman's Health also operates clinics in Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth and two outside of Texas.

"These medical professionals who know us and our work could have helped us keep our clinics open, yet they have remained silent," she said. "We ask those doctors who would not step up for us: Where will you send your patients now?"

In the Canterbury destructive storm

Orion restored power to another 800 Canterbury customers on Monday, with another 1200 still without electricity.

About 500 Main Power customers in northern Canterbury also remain without power, with about 1500 reconnected over the weekend.

The gale-force wind storm, Accounting in HK described by Orion as the most damaging in recent memory by farmers as the worst in 40 years, hit the South Island on Tuesday, bringing down trees and smashing powerlines and poles.

It also left firefighters battling large blazes ignited by lightening strikes and electricity.

About 28,000 Orion customers lost power across the area in Tuesday's storm, with extensive damage being blamed for slow reconnections.

It was very difficult to say when customers would be reconnected because of the widespread damage, Orion chief executive Rob Jamieson said.

More Orion contractors have been hauled into Canterbury to help those already on the ground Income Tax Hong Kong, the company said on Monday afternoon.

Residents using generators are being asked to get them installed by registered electricians to ensure the safety of staff repairing the network.

Federated Farmers says the days since the storm have been an "overwhelming time" for the region's farmers with the damage bill expected to climb into the millions of dollars.

A large slip at Diana Falls has kept State Highway 6 at Haast Pass closed since last Wednesday.

The road was expected to reopen on Monday but additional slips on Sunday mean the reopen has been pushed back several days, the NZ Transport Agency says.

"Clearing operations will resume as soon as it is safe to do so Business Registry Hong Kong," the agency said.

Iraqi forces killed its members

Officials and the group offered wildly different accounts of the unrest case covers, though, none of which could be independently confirmed by AFP.

The United States swiftly condemned "the terrible events that took place at Camp Ashraf today".

The United Nations says it's trying to establish what took place and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki formed a committee to probe the incident smart cloud HK.

In addition to the casualties, the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI), about 100 of whose members were living at Camp Ashraf in Diyala province near the Iranian border, also claimed security forces set fire to the group's property in the camp, all of which was denied by Iraqi officials.

Local hospitals reported three Iraqi soldiers were killed and four wounded, which officials attributed to angry camp residents attacking an army brigade responsible for the camp where to buy wigs.

Medics did not, however, report any casualties among Ashraf residents.

The unrest was condemned by the UN's refugee agency, the UNHCR which did not assign blame for the incidents.

The UNHCR said "it appears that deadly force has been used and that a number of people have been killed or wounded".

The new flagship store

HMV HAS THIS evening confirmed its new flagship store in Ireland will re-open on Dublin’s Henry Street on Friday 6 September, nuskin with three other stores to open the following week. TheJournal.ie reported this morning that the four stores – including outlets in Liffey Valley, Dundrum and Limerick – would all open for business at the start of September.

There’s still no definite word however on whether vouchers will be honoured. Hilco Capital, which took over the HMV brand from its administrators earlier this year, says it will confirm next week whether they can be redeemed in the re-opened outlets:

We will also be making announcements next week regarding plans for the redemption of valid gift vouchers which were not honoured during the Receivership of the old HMV business prior to our ownership.
About 120 new staff members have already been recruited, nuskin group with management teams beginning work last month and other employees coming on board today, tomorrow and early next week.

According to Hilco Capital Chief Exexutive Paul McGowan:

The demand from consumers has been very strong since we acquired the business from the Receivers so it is gratifying to be able to get four stores up and running in such a short period of time.
The company – which also now owns the Xtra-vision brand – has also announced plans to open HMV concession stores within 26 of the re-opened DVD rental outlets. Details of the locations will be confirmed next week.

A “leading Irish band” will performing in-store on Henry Street to help celebrate the 6 September re-opening nu skin hong kong. The company plans to launch a meet-and-great competition in the coming weeks for fans of the as-yet-unconfirmed group.


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