The view of the scenery

Scenery in the mountains, green mountain pine, flashing turneth the edge of blackish green, stirring up rough melody. Vines qing stone creak, rock burst, rolled piece piece of rock from time to time.

Pine roots such as inserted into the heart of the earth, the wind break, withered, ice fall, nuskin hk still proudly without drawing. Is a scenery of the eternal.

More than the ancients compared the pine to old, closely compare it to a kind of spirit of immortality. Tall and straight pine and declare an ageless story after another.

Li bai - what if LingYunXiao, thousands of feet straight, is the best reflection of the pines incisively and vividly.

Azalea, light green hills in the dyed red, and the earth ornament, vitality. As the young girl shy blushing face, red lips and bright-coloured and is about to drip, step into the mountains, like a dream love with her.

Azalea blossoms in the sublimation, fade in the gorgeous. Perhaps this is the scenery like epiphyllum.

But the flower of the field in the gorgeous blossom, nu skin accumulate the mountain to be attractive, in the land of essence, harvest in the gorgeous. Crazy in the gorgeous, it's sweat scenery.

So, there will be a smile hang branches, sweating of the fruit, the beijiang river - Wang Xin song, picturesque, beautiful jiangnan town bright girl such as flower, sings dragonfly nod, drunk lotus leaf frog mouths.

Then Wang Xin and Wang Xin -- beijiang river beauty, be appreciate the scenery of others.

The square, the beautiful tune of beijiang river beauty, dance girl, stepping the beautiful melody, float soft body, dancing drunk sky blink, nuskin drunk to pedestrians. The scenery be envied by others.

In fact, life is a scenery, scenery, a wise is a fool's scenery, ambitious if fools scenery. Some people are standing on a mountain high multifunction appreciate others, you're appreciate others and by others to appreciate, this is the view of landscape.

I wish -- -- you'll never be appreciate the scenery of others.

The long reed flowers

In childhood, my grandma's small garden, there is always a large grass when autumn comes, it becomes a big cluster of white flowers, swaying gently, beautiful dance. They are tall and straight stems, thin, long leaves, flowers white, fluffy. Naughty, the wind dancing merrily across flocculant blows up a bunch of flowers, flocculant, flying, compass college like a hike up the snow.

When my cousin and cousin would clap hands laughed: "snow snow!!" Then stretched out his hand to pick up the light of flocculant, but always also can not meet, maomao flocculant son pour glue on the hair, a comic. We are always in the "snow", often stop to look at each other, can't help laughing.

"This is what the grass?" My cousin asked in a face of innocence, that she ratio I big, will know.

"Uh..." Cousin stuttered for a moment. In fact, only a year older than I and she doesn't know what. But we cannot abandon the sister's face, she cleared his throat, pretending to be a knowledgeable, pretend to say: "that...... is called snow grass, you have not found it flowering flocculant son like snowflakes flutter?" "Oh!" I understand nodded, the in the mind is full of foolish.

War is a childhood with snow grass one of our three children love to play games. First, choose grass is the key. We will each cat, in the lush snow grass for a thick stems, flowers, most flocculant son most of snow grass, carefully to pull it down. Sometimes we tried to put it off, it means that this is a "good grass".

You can find the "good grass", or holding the blade of grass, triumphant, face satisfiedly smile, that mean: see, I have my eye! ; Beaming, either a delighted smile on his face; Either laughing face upwards, proudly show off in an ostentatious manner to show off.

Next, everybody looks at each other, frowning and motioned with their eyes, the meaning is "alliance" with each other. "Hey!" Cousin blink eyes at me, nu skin hk and I got the message nod. To take our own cousin commanded, "weapons" - all fell on the snow grass cousin.

Cousin panic, grabbed a snow grass to block our offense, but outnumbered, still can't get rid of me and cousin. "Pop" our snow grass like the raining to unstructured play on cousin, flocculant, floating around, "snow" on cousin hair, clothes, make he is covered in a full face of "snow". He was not angry, but laughed, laughed at in the sky "Snow White" running around. Perhaps, this is the tong zhen, this is my childhood.

"It's so big, can when the broom?" Cousin ideas again, and unconstrained style "is used to sweep the floor, a few days ago my grandmother is not to say that no broom!" Cousin want to don't want to just agreed: "hurrah!" To start, we tried to pull a few roots thick snow grass, they are probably the major player in the grass. Next, it's time to find a rope, but where there is? We have encountered a problem. "There is!" Cousin flashes, unter den unter den ran upstairs and dig out a sports shoes, word began to dismantle his shoes.

Shoelaces break out, cousin carry shoelaces, excitedly round around a few snowflakes branches, grass, made a strong and beautiful bow. "Look at our work at an early age will do broom!" I said cheerfully, there was the delight on your face, really want to pull the "broom" out to show off.

At this time, my grandmother came back. "Grandma, you look! We have done a broom!" Cousin proudly to the grandmother boasting, hoisted into "broom" cried loudly. "What you made of?" Grandmother who smile said, nu skin hk curiously looked at this wonderful work "broom". "Snow flower and the grass!" The three of us with one voice answered loudly.

Grandma finally could not help but laugh, smile became a chrysanthemum: "ouch! What snow grass! That's a reed! Ha ha ha......" She is laughing at what? Laughing at our childlike innocence? Laugh at our childish? I couldn't say for sure.

Although we love snow grass changed name, but we still love it, love it pure flowers, like the wind blows over it flutter of flocculant, like dancing in the sky "snow" white, like a childhood with me through the long reed flowers...

I regret for the rest of their lives

So for years.
Perhaps you already,
But I still, to you
Not forget for a moment.

Do you remember,
Every time I come home from school,
You frantically running to me.

Do you remember,
Often in my arms,
Pretend is wanton sleeping.

Do you remember,
Every time I wake up in the morning,
Your gentle eyes.

Do you remember,
Every night,
Touch your round belly.

Do you remember,
I tell you,
Now can only eat a little,
Usually when you gave birth to pups,
To give you to eat a lot.

Do you remember,
Look at you chan,
My heart is very painful,
Want you to eat a lot,
But I'm afraid of good afraid of.

That day,
Have come.

Do you want the pups offspring to the world,
Although you are so,
Fate can never compete.

Young pups to less than the world,
But you away from my world.
Tear off the you,
Memory forever in my heart.

& other; Usually when you gave birth to offspring, I will give you to eat a lot. Throughout the &;
Became my regret for the rest of their lives.

Miss you,
Is so near,
My favorite dog.

My life is perfect because of you!

If not God let us know, we are not in this life will not be met. If the arrangement is not destiny, how will encounter in the vast sea of ​​humanity, perhaps by chance!

I have you into a world of beautiful scenery along the way, quietly if the painting season, Maple Piaoxu! , The leaves are blowing. Constantly think of you electrical desk, the slightest attachment has lost self. If only picturesque scenery, painting Cantabile, I would like to clear spectrum of a ballad for you to do heart complaint. Hope your thoughts day and night, and placed the moon Acacia, is eternal love!

Who is in charge of the green lamp lights, the view at the end of the world! Who promised everlasting, who is the promise of land for a long time, I have always believed that a sincere commitment is more important than treatment. When one day bloom again, Iraqis go back, who spent a lifetime waiting to honor the phrase "I love you" constant ancient oath. Already engraved in your heart, although the feeling is torture freshwater pearl earrings, but very happy because finally you find a treasure worthy of this page chapter in the life!

Walking in the woods, elegant fragrance of osmanthus, I seem to see your shadow, sweet-scented osmanthus trees in a charming smile. Mandy, you know my heart for you Qianpan already! My dream, long for you to indulge! When you leave the moment my world, you would expect to be able to stop my life forever!

I have been convinced that this situation can be moved heaven, able to move you. Until the time when you want to hold your spring, to see the beautiful scenery, to smell the fragrance of flowers, actively look for flowers that piece of mind. Let gardenia speckled your heart and make you feel silly I have for you, let the wind take away your sorrow. Let the sun warm your world! Brilliant to see the sunrise, sunset tours pathos, the true meaning of vintage goods of life, a sense of life!

You leave my heart, if you have no scenery, I do not know how to face, how to go. Say life is like a play, but this movie was perfect to have you, have you was wonderful! Loading your gently dream, let your posture lingering in my mind, how many times in my heart calling your name, my days and nights Qianpan!

Squandering the charming eyes, thousands of the world, looking met you! Not too early nor too late, is the gift of God, or fate! No matter what Study Tour, I feel lucky. Unconsciously, I think of the word "Classic", should really God, let my infatuation along with the moon does not regret waiting at your side!

Who is using the years of waiting, for I reincarnation, only a handful of sea in that first encounter. If fate arranged for you and I meet, let the years witnessed the promise of love! We look forward to working hand in life, and to ride that day the Red! I also will use a lifetime to answer those questions you asked me!

My world is wonderful because of you, my life is perfect because of you!

The young teenager escape

That year he was 17 years old, but he has not yet faded a childish, sunny day in the sun is the source of his bright smile Ergonomic seating, tears rain has long been absent, when he innocently believed the sun as snow and ice as it can not help but weathered solidification love. He said that he recalled leading to the distant future, forget his way to the future short Natural stone.

A year ago he had no scruples to remove a guard, Review smile chuckle, and seems to love not sleep. After the rain he seemed undergone a huge transformation, his vision of a better future, but I already do not exist when I was still in a time tunnel shuttle jimmy wong, I always run into a wall, I have been walking away, but how can not reach the terminal.

May Day speech juvenile demeanor, personable, the heart is no longer ordinary, like a passionate teenagers worry Xiaotian. Four years later nuskin hk, I became a flower no antecedents no way back, the other side has become a compliment awaited stop love, good morning, good times are still hypothetical. His carefree walk in the March covered pear, pear or pear, teenager is still a teenager, but another world Staring young girl has already died a year ago.


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