Ability of the security intelligence service

The GCSB carried out domestic surveillance for the SIS, police and other agencies until last August, when the Kim Dotcom case raised question marks about its legality.

The new bill will clarify that it is legal for the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders on behalf of another agency nuskin group, if they have a warrant.

Mr Key says if the GCSB doesn't do that surveillance, its technology and skills would have to be replicated in the SIS at "significant cost".

He's ruling that out as an option - despite admitting he hasn't asked for any costings.

"I can't see the point in doing it," he said.

Labour leader David Shearer believes the government is moving to merge the GCSB and SIS - which would give the GCSB and its overseas partners access to surveillance of New Zealanders.

"They have already moved into the same building so it's only natural that that's where the direction will go nuskin," he said.

"This bill will enable that to happen much more easily."

Mr Key said he considered a merger when he first became prime minister, but now believes it is unnecessary.

"We're merging a lot of their support services [including HR], and I think that's probably a better way of going than merging the two organisations in totality."

The bill, which has the backing of National's 59 MPs and ACT's John Banks, nu skin hk needs one more vote to pass.

The government is now eyeing a deal with NZ First to get the bill across the line after United Future's Peter Dunne distanced himself from supporting it.

The cancer survivors amazing talent

Jen O'Shea’s ability to twist her right leg so that her foot is facing the ceiling is the result of an operation following her treatment of a rare form of a bone cancer, nu skin hong kong the Daily Mail reports.

In a bid to win a hidden talent competition on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ms O'Shea decided to show family and friends - and film their reactions.

In her video, uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, she said that fewer than a dozen people knew of her weird talent until she began filming.

"Only for you Ellen would I show everyone just how weird I am," she writes on her YouTube channel.

The video shows Ms O'Shea revealing her talent to friends - with some screaming and walking away nu skin product.

She also shows relatives and complete strangers who are completely shocked at her bizarre ability.

"What in the hell," one older man is heard screaming before he tickles her foot which is facing the ceiling.

Ms O'Shea, who had the entire right side of her pelvis removed back in 2011, Hong Kong Shenzhen Tour said she only realised she could twist her leg last year after months of physiotherapy.

Her YouTube video has already had almost 300,000 views.

DeGeneres recently announced a candidate who can jump rope sitting down as the winner of the competition.

Mother's love what gift?

Mother's day, many people prepare for the holiday gift for mother. What kind of gift the mother favor? Reporter discovery, although thousands yuan within the mother's Day gift best sellers, but practical gifts or to accompany their children more wins Yang City mother hk gift and premium.

Thousands of Yuan's best-selling female supplies

Yang City Department Store Company a few days ago on the introduction of various preferential activities of mother's day. According to statistics, last weekend, the top sales category are almost all female supplies. Now the general trend of women's leisure, sales counters passenger flow was significantly higher than that of partial mature women, but last weekend but the opposite phenomenon, and shoes, bags and cosmetics counter sales are more than double the normal price, 1000 yuan within the ring, earrings, especially popular hk gift premium fair.

Practical gifts are the most popular

"I'll buy a thimble street in the grocery store, only two dollars." "Zhang said, my mother had a habit, like new clothes buttons all hand strengthening again. He will buy a present for my mother on Mother's Day flowers hundreds of pieces of money before, but every time the mother have criticized him for money. So now would pick something practical as a gift, but my mother will be very happy hk.premiumngifts.com.

The small Xu said, mother's eyesight was not good, to the bottle with water often made with water, so the mother's day last year, funnel he gave my mother bought a few dollars. Didn't expect a whole year, mother people Kua filial son.

"My mother" is also a good gift hk gift and premium

Yesterday to accompany her mother shopping people more obvious, accompanied her mother to eat, watch the movie also increased than usual. Yesterday, Xiao Wu took my mother by the hand into the Lippo plaza. "When the children's day, mother will accompany me one day, mother's day now, I also want to accompany her one day." For this gift daughter, Wu mother very satisfied. She said, in the mother's day, and the children all day, even if do not where to go, and they gave me the best gift."

The United States of America thanks to Cuba

"We do appreciate the Cuban authorities' extensive co-operation to resolve this situation quickly," said Patrick Ventrell, a State Department spokesman, on Wednesday.

The United States and Cuba broke off full diplomatic ties in the early 1960s and US citizens are not allowed to spend money in Cuba without special US government permission premium gifts.

But "this was law enforcement co-operation and we're pleased that it was so extensive and we were able to resolve this quickly," Ventrell added dermes.

A US plane carrying Joshua Hakken, his wife Sharyn Patricia and their sons, aged two and four, landed in Tampa from Havana early on Wednesday, local media reported business gift.

Hakken was attempting to flee US authorities when he took his wife and boys to Cuba aboard his sailboat on Monday.

He was booked in the Hillsborough County, Florida jail and faces charges including child neglect, kidnapping, burglary and theft of a motor vehicle, while his wife faces counts of kidnapping, interference with child custody and child neglect, according to the sheriff's office Claire Hsu.

Tampa area sheriff David Gee said the couple also faces federal charges of fleeing to avoid prosecution.

Florida officials had been searching for Joshua Hakken since April 3, when he allegedly broke into his mother-in-law's house near Tampa, tied her up and fled with his young boys gift premium fair.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said that Hakken lost custody of the children after being arrested in Louisiana on drug charges in June, following what police described as "an anti-government rally."

Poland airport closed runway

AN AIRPORT IN Poland has closed its runway as engineers work to free a plane from an adjacent muddy field.

The Czech Boeing 737 skidded last night and went some 20 metres off the Katowice Airport runway. It ran into wet ground, sinking its front landing gear.

There were no injuries or casualties reported and all 176 passengers and six crew disembarked safely.

The airport remains closed and all flights are being diverted to Kraków Airport.

Yesterday’s 6.20pm flight to Dublin was delayed and has not yet taken off. Another flight is due to leave for Cork at 4.20pm today.

A similar incident occurred at Dublin Airport last week when the nosewheel of a small aircraft collapsed on the main runway.


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