Looking forward to the realization

Son of junior high school trip is over two-thirds of the remaining one-third will begin in a minute. The past two years are growing most rapidly for two years, his body is from June 3rd one meter to one meter seven or eight long, beautiful youth bean occupies two temples, voice is becoming more and more adult. In learning aspect is relatively hard, but always felt that he told the teacher assigned the task of comparing the metaphysical.

Also have dabbled in self-study, but do not system. Learning is not very high enthusiasm and momentum is very strong. The violin level is rising quickly, pulling up like so return a responsibility, Dream beauty pro that sounds quite interesting. With people is much better than primary school. Confidence, sunshine, full of youthful spirit, made a few good friends. As a competitive person in the class work and work well.

Tomorrow, this boy hone in grade 3 is about to begin. He seem to have no special feeling, I also not to what he said. Grade school in tight, large burden, ready to bear hardships, serious and the like, the teacher may have already said a lot of times, Diamond water still have to say in the future.

I say may only be counterproductive, therefore I am. I just communicate with his communication, from the aspects of learning methods is cut and dried and the main means to summarize their own learning experience, to experience or failure experience, find suitable for their own learning method, and stick to it. I think I can do is just so.

Celebrities in teenagers aspire to more ancient times. My son has very foolish, but I did better than others. I want to more than I'm sure is no problem, Diamond water the key is how much can go beyond.

Ah! Worry, it is no use. All have to wait until he really understand.

What a pain understanding!

The view of the scenery

Scenery in the mountains, green mountain pine, flashing turneth the edge of blackish green, stirring up rough melody. Vines qing stone creak, rock burst, rolled piece piece of rock from time to time.

Pine roots such as inserted into the heart of the earth, the wind break, withered, ice fall, nuskin hk still proudly without drawing. Is a scenery of the eternal.

More than the ancients compared the pine to old, closely compare it to a kind of spirit of immortality. Tall and straight pine and declare an ageless story after another.

Li bai - what if LingYunXiao, thousands of feet straight, is the best reflection of the pines incisively and vividly.

Azalea, light green hills in the dyed red, and the earth ornament, vitality. As the young girl shy blushing face, red lips and bright-coloured and is about to drip, step into the mountains, like a dream love with her.

Azalea blossoms in the sublimation, fade in the gorgeous. Perhaps this is the scenery like epiphyllum.

But the flower of the field in the gorgeous blossom, nu skin accumulate the mountain to be attractive, in the land of essence, harvest in the gorgeous. Crazy in the gorgeous, it's sweat scenery.

So, there will be a smile hang branches, sweating of the fruit, the beijiang river - Wang Xin song, picturesque, beautiful jiangnan town bright girl such as flower, sings dragonfly nod, drunk lotus leaf frog mouths.

Then Wang Xin and Wang Xin -- beijiang river beauty, be appreciate the scenery of others.

The square, the beautiful tune of beijiang river beauty, dance girl, stepping the beautiful melody, float soft body, dancing drunk sky blink, nuskin drunk to pedestrians. The scenery be envied by others.

In fact, life is a scenery, scenery, a wise is a fool's scenery, ambitious if fools scenery. Some people are standing on a mountain high multifunction appreciate others, you're appreciate others and by others to appreciate, this is the view of landscape.

I wish -- -- you'll never be appreciate the scenery of others.

The long reed flowers

In childhood, my grandma's small garden, there is always a large grass when autumn comes, it becomes a big cluster of white flowers, swaying gently, beautiful dance. They are tall and straight stems, thin, long leaves, flowers white, fluffy. Naughty, the wind dancing merrily across flocculant blows up a bunch of flowers, flocculant, flying, compass college like a hike up the snow.

When my cousin and cousin would clap hands laughed: "snow snow!!" Then stretched out his hand to pick up the light of flocculant, but always also can not meet, maomao flocculant son pour glue on the hair, a comic. We are always in the "snow", often stop to look at each other, can't help laughing.

"This is what the grass?" My cousin asked in a face of innocence, that she ratio I big, will know.

"Uh..." Cousin stuttered for a moment. In fact, only a year older than I and she doesn't know what. But we cannot abandon the sister's face, she cleared his throat, pretending to be a knowledgeable, pretend to say: "that...... is called snow grass, you have not found it flowering flocculant son like snowflakes flutter?" "Oh!" I understand nodded, the in the mind is full of foolish.

War is a childhood with snow grass one of our three children love to play games. First, choose grass is the key. We will each cat, in the lush snow grass for a thick stems, flowers, most flocculant son most of snow grass, carefully to pull it down. Sometimes we tried to put it off, it means that this is a "good grass".

You can find the "good grass", or holding the blade of grass, triumphant, face satisfiedly smile, that mean: see, I have my eye! ; Beaming, either a delighted smile on his face; Either laughing face upwards, proudly show off in an ostentatious manner to show off.

Next, everybody looks at each other, frowning and motioned with their eyes, the meaning is "alliance" with each other. "Hey!" Cousin blink eyes at me, nu skin hk and I got the message nod. To take our own cousin commanded, "weapons" - all fell on the snow grass cousin.

Cousin panic, grabbed a snow grass to block our offense, but outnumbered, still can't get rid of me and cousin. "Pop" our snow grass like the raining to unstructured play on cousin, flocculant, floating around, "snow" on cousin hair, clothes, make he is covered in a full face of "snow". He was not angry, but laughed, laughed at in the sky "Snow White" running around. Perhaps, this is the tong zhen, this is my childhood.

"It's so big, can when the broom?" Cousin ideas again, and unconstrained style "is used to sweep the floor, a few days ago my grandmother is not to say that no broom!" Cousin want to don't want to just agreed: "hurrah!" To start, we tried to pull a few roots thick snow grass, they are probably the major player in the grass. Next, it's time to find a rope, but where there is? We have encountered a problem. "There is!" Cousin flashes, unter den unter den ran upstairs and dig out a sports shoes, word began to dismantle his shoes.

Shoelaces break out, cousin carry shoelaces, excitedly round around a few snowflakes branches, grass, made a strong and beautiful bow. "Look at our work at an early age will do broom!" I said cheerfully, there was the delight on your face, really want to pull the "broom" out to show off.

At this time, my grandmother came back. "Grandma, you look! We have done a broom!" Cousin proudly to the grandmother boasting, hoisted into "broom" cried loudly. "What you made of?" Grandmother who smile said, nu skin hk curiously looked at this wonderful work "broom". "Snow flower and the grass!" The three of us with one voice answered loudly.

Grandma finally could not help but laugh, smile became a chrysanthemum: "ouch! What snow grass! That's a reed! Ha ha ha......" She is laughing at what? Laughing at our childlike innocence? Laugh at our childish? I couldn't say for sure.

Although we love snow grass changed name, but we still love it, love it pure flowers, like the wind blows over it flutter of flocculant, like dancing in the sky "snow" white, like a childhood with me through the long reed flowers...

I regret for the rest of their lives

So for years.
Perhaps you already,
But I still, to you
Not forget for a moment.

Do you remember,
Every time I come home from school,
You frantically running to me.

Do you remember,
Often in my arms,
Pretend is wanton sleeping.

Do you remember,
Every time I wake up in the morning,
Your gentle eyes.

Do you remember,
Every night,
Touch your round belly.

Do you remember,
I tell you,
Now can only eat a little,
Usually when you gave birth to pups,
To give you to eat a lot.

Do you remember,
Look at you chan,
My heart is very painful,
Want you to eat a lot,
But I'm afraid of good afraid of.

That day,
Have come.

Do you want the pups offspring to the world,
Although you are so,
Fate can never compete.

Young pups to less than the world,
But you away from my world.
Tear off the you,
Memory forever in my heart.

& other; Usually when you gave birth to offspring, I will give you to eat a lot. Throughout the &;
Became my regret for the rest of their lives.

Miss you,
Is so near,
My favorite dog.

The way forward

Morning, ears came the familiar melody that light, it is the way to upload songs from the sprinkler. Suddenly, the silence broke hearts will doest happiness and joy - Labor forward, singing, wonderful realm!
I remember when that was a large group, across my old house is a fairly open fields. After xiaoman, seedling where they crowded together, early in the morning, folk to pull seedlings in paddy fields, they handed pinch seedlings, seedling wash, "buzzing" sound of splashing into the water struck out just how warm and cheerful rhythm, in which strong rhythm, cock barking, cattle under tones, peasant woman carrying water buckets scoop and impact, trampling trampling footsteps, no laughter, sounds of nature are unmatched, and more on the field singers drawl, chirp ah Yeah crying like singing together, one after another, far and near in the valley was full of distant, happy note, jumping, echoed. Snooze young, I often would wake up in this song, so that was always felt, half awake to hear this song I've ever heard of the most beautiful sounds of pastoral music.
Fast forward a few years later, but never heard that song before, as after a few centuries in general. Today's Shan people scattered nest already empty, dilapidated state of unsightly, very few farmers farmland shadow silhouette occasional sporadic, and most are over sixty years old haggard rickets - they are the land the last group of loyal those left behind. Heavy farm work and lagging agricultural production, leaving them still tired and hardships, as well eyeful deserted countryside, goats and wild hog in the meantime haunt - traumatic vicissitudes which brought spiritual, plus nesters lingering over aging, loneliness and desolation, a few people have singing mood? Traced up, singing is the twin sister of collective labor, which the ancients has already been confirmed, "Huai Road should be training" contained "large wooden cite this husband, former call 'evil promise', should it later, This song is also important to persuade force. "So, they gave birth to the singing of labor, labor is the original song. That folk song after another in the labor chant is sung these songs were left under the collective spiritual wealth is labor - singing on the strength and harmony. However, with advances in technology, mechanization gradually replaced human labor cluster approach, so that the collective labor scene, the kind of free and happy singing field to pursue and will always be remembered in memory of.
Today's singing is more professional, skill, art, the real song, but more and more workers are scarce. Around now singer, tweaking for the state's innumerable, and become more and more a personal catharsis, but I have these "petty bourgeoisie" easy to pop songs, occasionally a whirlwind, and become a fashion trend has become the symbol of our society and the imprint. As a member of society, people are no exception, and often also not consciously - a return to revel in these crazy man Maid love and love art, smugly arty few voice. Of course, from a personal perspective to appreciate, not all songs are like, nice, like the "dead must be love," the light that creepy lyrics; "wolf in love with the sheep, ah, love crazy", absurd logic, cast doubt on whether the world really is treason to the madness; "clean slate rinse, rinse clean slate," the kind of glib, not to make people feel uncomfortable by ......
Once I was surprised, actually March Confucius Wenshao music do not know meat. Now think about it, Yu Shao music for the system, and Yu is a real emperor among workers, Shao music also be the singing of the labor strike. In fact electrical desk, humans are never left singing, everyday, wealth hierarchy, one hundred thousand lines of business have forged a bond with the singing, highbrow, highbrow, low class, and by many people. Rolling in the Yangtze River, the future generations depleted hero dominance; unusual lanes, the number of past and present will be flooded with. Originally singing like food, clothing, work and life, electrical desk is one of the basic ways of human existence. Listen,. "Nanshan beans, the grass pea containing dilute Morningside shortage foul with hoe return", singing poet Anpinyuedao, narcissistic integrity; "Wind from the Xi Yunfei Yang, Shou Xi Andhra warriors Quartet "confession politicians look the whole world, heart of the world's bosom;" Come Yishui Han winds blow, a warrior to Come Nevermore ", singing the Spirit in Chester, sacrifice justice of pride;" Come gas matchless force Nukiyama when adverse Come piebald dappled no death can do nothing without death Xi Yu, Xi Yu, Xi Chennai how "talk is Yingxiongmolu, time waits for no grief! - regardless of good times of adversity, born or accession, say nothing on the fame, adjustable desk or dead or alive, the way forward, singing all the way! Perhaps in the history of mankind shows us alive, it is necessary for life and songs to sing for a living!
I love singing, walking in the mountains meadow, I will sing, in the stream forest walk, I will sing, I like in my heart sings, like sing alone, even when these duties, I will hum a branch of music. I sing songs from afraid to the merits of the technology, not rigidly adhere to a complete or consistent, but has nothing to do with the pleasure of others, I think, should be the normal life of singing is the best footnote frustrations of life, is the spirit of the freedom of expression , Cellmax is a natural emotional release humanity.
Once upon a time, we have forgotten to sing, lost song. Perhaps, fame and honor so that we lose the Mind; perhaps, aging and disease makes us feel dejected; perhaps, wealth and jewels so that we abandon the self; perhaps, feasting make us wistful confused ...... there are too many uncertainties in life, it is general trance like that luck wavering, like Fei Xu, as I do not know where to be subjected. When weathered the years a road carved into our wrinkles, when heavy burden day at bending our bodies, whether life will be strong and unyielding to say alive, we must sing!
Yes, life should not be less singing. For me, the way forward, singing all the way, is my pursuit, but also my longing for a beautiful state.


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